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Real life smile makeovers by Dr. Wexler!

This person had fallen and fractured her front three teeth. She left the office
with a new smile!

This person suffered from severe periodontal disease which caused him to lose all but 5 of his upper teeth. We were able to give him a permanent smile (not removable dentures) he could be proud of within six weeks.

This person had severely crowded and worn upper front teeth with several fractures causing them to be brittle. Within two weeks we were able to correct the crowding and give the patient a new natural, brilliant smile.

This person had some major spacing and long narrow, discolored teeth. In two weeks we were able to give her a smile she has not seen since she was a child.

This boy had knocked off half of his front tooth. In one hour, we were able to rebuild his front tooth with a bonding material so he could smile again.